Millions of Sick Get Misdiagnosed Each Year, Could AI Do a Better Job?

Millions of Sick Get Misdiagnosed Each Year, Could AI Do a Better Job?
22 Мар 2018
Millions of Sick Get Misdiagnosed Each Year, Could AI Do a Better Job?

Suffering from ill health is a fate that we all want to avoid at any cost. However, what is even more tragic is if the illness is misdiagnosed and treatment delayed. The Washington Post citing a report by the Institute of Medicine, the health wing of the National Academy of Sciences claims that misdiagnosis is a relatively common phenomenon. So common that at east 12 million adults are affected in America each year, this is about 5 percent of patients that seek outpatient treatment. Alarmingly the article also claimed that errors are likely to worsen and consequences will be severe. Advocating for a rehaul the article states, “The stereotype of one physician making a wrong diagnosis is not always accurate, he said. Often it happens because of errors in the healthcare system. The solution requires nothing short of a fundamental overhaul of the entire process of how a diagnosis is made.”

A valuable second opinion

A second opinion can prevent errors that may turn out to be fatal for seriously ill patients in outpatient and hospital settings. The Skychain project, which is an infrastructure blockchain whose aim it is to host and train artificial neural networks (ANNs) is emerging as a solution and an aide to doctors and patients. Skychain hopes to save 10 mln patients from premature death by helping detect medical errors within a decade. The scope of using ANNs in medical setting is immense. IBM estimates that artificial intelligence in healthcare alone would be worth USD 200 bln in the coming few years. Skychain have set themselves the ambitious goal of controlling 70 percent of that pie.

Here and now

Skychain may sound like science fiction but it is here and now. A working prototype is already in place. Using smart contracts to help transactions between large-scale healthcare data providers, Skychain would be able cut costs related to training its AI by as much as a factor of 100. Skychain has already demonstrated the capability of their  project by holding a competition between their system and real doctors. During the competition doctors were invited to examine diagnostic tests and the results were compared. The results of the tests were surprisingly close to human diagnosis. Skychain is proving to be a unified interface that will bridge the gap between laboratories, patients and doctors. What is more Skychain promises to change the way medical neural networks are going to be constructed in the future by making them available to all the participants at the same time. The distributed nature of the project would ensure that the best specialists in AI can teach neural networks using an unprecedented amount of data that no other organisation or even state can put together.

Can a token save lives?

The Skychain token (SKCH) will be at the centre of the Skychain platform. 36 mln Skychain tokens would be sold during the pre-ICO and ICO period of the project. The ICO is set to conclude on March 31, 2018. Each SKCH is being sold for USD 1.25. During the ICO, Ethereum and Bitcoin will be accepted for sale of the tokens. The token sale is crucial for the project because it would allow for product development as well as the development of the ecosystem. The brilliance of the system is that it allows for genuine openness and therefore users of the platform like a specialist or medical institution would be able to generate their own neural networks and get rewarded in SKCH for its diagnostic use. Others on the network would be able to judge the efficacy of the neural network and rate it accordingly. Many transactions will take place on the network like requests for an inference using a neural network, request for neural network training, updation of a neural network etc. All these would incur fee for which the SKCH token would be useful as well. This puts SKCH in a position of being a token that can actually save lives in the long term. More details about this can be found in a white paper that Skychain have published.

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